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P.M. (Peter Maloney)


P.M. (Peter Maloney)

Peter Maloney


Peter Maloney was a prominent gay rights activist/lobbyist, lawyer, and businessman. In 1971 he ran as the Liberal candidate in Ontario's St. George riding but lost, and in 1972 he lost a bid to become a school trustee in Ward 6 of the Toronto Board of Education. He was a shareholder and manager of The Club Baths in Toronto in 1973, which was the first modern, gay-operated bathhouse in Canada. It was affiliated with the American Club Baths chain, which eventually spread to other Canadian cities. In 1976 the Club Baths of Ottawa was raided, and in 1977 Maloney was found guilty of keeping a common bawdy house for his affiliations with the batthouse. He was one of several men charged after the February 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids, but all charges were later dropped.

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