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February 10 Toronto Former United […]




February 10 Toronto Former United Church moderator and Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Bruce McLeod defeated openly gay candidate Peter Maloney, vice-president of the Toronto and District Liberal Association and coordinator of CGRO, for the Liberal nomination in St. George riding for the March 19 Ontario provincial election. After his defeat, Maloney resigned his membership in the Liberal party, saying that he was ashamed of the party's record on gay rights. Maloney threw his support behind gay independent candidate George Hislop. (See also February 11, 1981, and February 13, 1981.)

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February 13 Toronto During a […]February 11 Toronto Gay activist […]

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George HislopP.M. (Peter Maloney)Bruce McLeod

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Liberal Party OntarioCoalition for Gay Rights in Ontario CGROOntario Human Rights CommissionUnited Church of Canada

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