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September Toronto Ken Waxman's […]




September Toronto Ken Waxman's article "The Rise of Gay Capitalism" was published in Toronto Life. Waxman interviewed a cross-section of openly gay entrepreneurs whose businesses catered to Toronto's gay community, including Peter Bochove, Jr., George Hislop, Peter Maloney, Jearld Moldenhauer, and Arthur Whitaker.

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Arthur WhitakerJ. MoldenhauerP.M. (Peter Maloney)George HislopPeter BochoveKen Waxman

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The Rise of Gay Capitalism

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Ken Waxman, "The Rise of Gay Capitalism," Toronto Life, September 1976, pp. 34–36, 48–51, 149–150, 152, 155.Michael Lynch, Review of "The Rise of Gay Capitalism," in Our Image: The BP Review Supplement, no. 5 (1976), p. 3