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December 11 Ottawa Representatives […]




December 11 Ottawa Representatives of CALGM appeared before the Joint Senate and House of Commons Committee on the Constitution to argue for the inclusion of sexual orientation protection in the proposed Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. The five representatives (Chris Bearchell, Monique Bell, George Hislop, Peter Maloney, and Paul-François Sylvestre) based their presentation on a brief prepared by Anthony Sims and others, and answered questions from members of the Committee. This occurred the same day that Svend Robinson (NDP–Burnaby) announced that the federal NDP supported amending the government's constitutional proposals in order to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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Svend RobinsonAnthony SimsPaul-Francois SylvestreP.M. (Peter Maloney)George HislopMonique BellChris Bearchell

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Canadian Association of Lesbians and Gay MenNew Democratic Party

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Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

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