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Jearld Moldenhauer was instrumental in the founding of several pioneering Canadian gay organizations. In 1969 he founded the University of Toronto Homophile Association (UTHA), which was the first gay organization formed at a Canadian university. Moldenhauer started Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto in 1970, which grew into one of the most comprehensive lesbian and gay bookstores in the world. He was also a key force in the formation of Toronto Gay Action (TGA). In the fall of 1971, he held a TGA meeting at his home concerning the formation of a new gay newspaper, which would become the Body Politic. As an editor of the Body Politic, Moldenhauer began accumulating a collection of materials, much of which was used to start the Canadian Gay Liberation Movement Archives. The archive was renamed the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and grew to become one of the largest repositories of gay and lesbian materials in the world.

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