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October 12 Toronto The Ontario Press […]




October 12 Toronto The Ontario Press Council ruled that the Toronto Star had discriminated gainst Glad Day Bookshop in May 1974 when it refused to print their classified ad. Jearld Moldenhauer, proprietor of Glad Day, then filed a complaint against the Star with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC). The OHRC ruled that its jurisdiction did not extend to discrimination based on sexual orientation. (see also October 19,1974.)

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October 19 Toronto The Toronto Star […]May Toronto The Toronto Star refused […]

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Glad Day BookshopToronto

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J. Moldenhauer

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Ontario Human Rights CommissionOntario Press Council

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Toronto Daily Star; Toronto Star

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"Press Council Says Star Entitled to Name Nationalist's Employer," Toronto Star, Saturday ed., 12 October 1974, pp. A1, A10."Found Guilty of Bias, Newspaper Retaliates with Smear Campaign," Body Politic, no. 16 (1974), pp. 5, 7;"Ad Refused, OHRC Passes Buck," Body Politic, no. 17 (1975), p. 7;