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November 24 Montréal A special […]




November 24 Montréal A special eight-page supplement entitled "Gay" appeared in the McGill Daily. It had been assembled by a five-member collective (F. Brayton, M. Galan, B. Peck, W. Aitken, and K. Kelley). "Gay" included articles by Bruce Garside on the politics of gay liberation, Jearld Moldenhauer and Bob Wallace on the history of gay organizing in Toronto and Vancouver, Luc Doré on the FLH, Martha Shelley on radical lesbianism, and Will Aitken on his reaction to the film version of The Boys in the Band.

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Martha Shelley, "We Are Women First and Foremost: Notes of a Radical Lesbian," McGill Daily pp, 4-5.Jearld Moldenhauer and Bob Wallace, "History: Toronto & Vancouver," McGill Daily pp, 3, 6;Bruce Garside, "The Politics of Gay Liberation: Reform or Revolution?," McGill Daily pp. 2, 6;Luc Doré, "Montreal — FLH," McGill Daily p, 3;Will Aitken, "Boys in the Back, Or How a Movie Made Me Come Out," McGill Daily p. 6;Gay (supplement to McGill Daily), 24 November 1972, included the following: