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March–April Toronto After its […]


1979-03 – 1979-04


March–April Toronto After its acquittal on February 14, 1979, the Body Politic reprinted the entire text of Gerald Hannon's controversial article "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" in its March–April 1979 issue. The reprint was followed by an analysis by Chris Bearchell, Rick Bebout, and Alexander Wilson, of public reaction to the article.

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"'Men Loving Boys Loving Men' Again,'" Body Politic, no. 51 (1979), pp. 21–27.H.T. Coffey, "The Real Molesters" (letter), Body Politic, no. 52 (1979), p. 5Gwen Barnes, "A Lesbian Perspective: The Dyke Patrol," Gay Calgary, no. 11 (1979), p. 2