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November 24 Toronto PTP officers […]




November 24 Toronto PTP officers Gerald Hannon, Ed Jackson, and Ken Popert were summoned to appear in Ontario Provincial Court on December 21, 1981, to set a new trial date for indecency and immorality charges stemming from the publication of Hannon's article "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" in issue 39 of the Body Politic. (See also December 21, 1981.)

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December 21 Toronto The new trial […]February 29 Toronto County Court […]December 30 Toronto Five members of […]

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Provincial Court of Ontario / Ontario Court of Justice

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"Class Reunion," Body Politic, no. 80 (1982), p. 13."Body Politic Publishers to Be Retried: Lawyer," Globe and Mail, metro ed., 27 November 1981, p. classified 10