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February 29 Toronto County Court […]




February 29 Toronto County Court Judge George Ferguson set aside the February 1979 acquittal of PTP and sent the case back to Provincial Court for a new trial. Ferguson ruled that there were sufficient errors of law in Judge Harris's decision to warrant overturning the acquittal. PTP appealed Ferguson's decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal on March 25, 1980, citing twenty-two separate errors of law in the decision. (See also March 4–5, 1981; March 18, 1981; June 15, 1981; October 6, 1981; November 24, 1981; and December 21, 1981.)

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December 21 Toronto The new trial […]November 24 Toronto PTP officers […]October 6 Ottawa Three justices of […]June 15 Ottawa Lawyer Clayton Ruby […]March 18 Toronto Justice Thomas […]February 7-8 Toronto County Court […]December 30 Toronto Five members of […]

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