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December 5 Toronto The Ontario Human […]




December 5 Toronto The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) announced that it had rejected lawyer Harry Kopyto's submission on behalf of John Damien to appoint a Board of Inquiry to investigate the Damien case. It ruled that the word "sex" in the Ontario Human Rights Code referred to gender only. Kopyto then filed a suit in Divisional Court on behalf of Damien, asking the court to overrule the OHRC and to reverse the decision. During a preliminary hearing before the Ontario Supreme Court held on March 11, 1976, lawyers for the OHRC defended its position by revealing that Ontario Minister of Labour Bette Stephenson, whose department administered the Ontario Human Rights Code, had recommended that the OHRC refuse to appoint a Board of Inquiry in the Damien case. This suit was eventually abandoned, in July 1976.

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