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September 29 Toronto The OAC awarded […]




September 29 Toronto The OAC awarded the Body Politic an operating grant of $1,650, following a three-month deal and much backroom politicking. The grant was made at a time when the magazine was still facing charges of possessing, distributing, and mailing obscene material. The decision outraged Toronto Sun columnist Claire Hoy, who published three pieces between October 12 and October 15 attacking the grant. On October 12, Ontario Minister of Culture and Recreation Reuben Baetz issued a statement in which he disagreed with the OAC's decision to award the grant, calling it "impolitic and insensitive." Finally, on October 16, an editorial in the Toronto Sun entitled "Bawdy Politics" berated the OAC for the grant.

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June 28–30 Toronto The OAC decided […]February 17 Toronto In a column in […]December 30 Toronto Five members of […]

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