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May 4 Toronto During debate in the […]




May 4 Toronto During debate in the Ontario Legislature on Life Together, the report of the OHRC, Ontario Liberal party leader Stuart Smith spoke in support of including sexual orientation in the Ontario Human Rights Code. Life Together's most controversial recommendation was that sexual orientation be added to the code. Several NDP members spoke in favour of the amendment, but the Conservative government's lone speaker, John Williams (PC–Oriole) rejected the recommendation in that it was not the government's job to be "legislating social behaviour and standards."

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July 21 Ontario The OHRCCode Review […]

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Queen's Park Ontario Legislature Legislative Assembly of OntarioToronto

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John WilliamsStuart Smith

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Progressive Conservative Party of OntarioNew Democratic Party OntarioLiberal Party OntarioOntario Human Rights Commission

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Ontario Human Rights CodeLife Together

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"Need Human Rights Action, Smith Says," Windsor Star, final ed., 5 May 1978, p. 10.Bill Lewis, "CGRO Brief Prompts Media Support for Code Change," Body Politic, no. 44 (1978), p. 5