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December 28 Toronto Ontario's […]




December 28 Toronto Ontario's Attorney-General Roy McMurtry was quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying he was "appalled" by Gerald Hannon's article "Men Loving Boys Loving Men," as "described in news reports" and that he would discuss the article with legal advisers. On December 29–30, several Toronto media sources reported that the York Crown Attorney had been consulted by the Metro Toronto police morality squad about the possibility of laying obscenity charges against the Body Politic. (See also December 30, 1977.)

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December 30 Toronto Five members of […]November 21 Toronto Issue 39 […]

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Stan Oziewicz, "Homosexual Paper Says It's Upset at Reaction to Pedophile Article," Globe and Mail, metro ed., 28 December 1977, p. 4."Crown to Study Sex Mag," Toronto Sun, 30 December 1977, p. 20"Charges Considered over Pedophile Article," Globe and Mail, metro ed., 29 December 1977, p. 5