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July 23-25 Toronto The international […]


1976-07-23 – 1976-07-25


July 23-25 Toronto The international conference "Toward a Strategy for the Lesbian Movement" by Wages Due Lesbians of Toronto was held. The conference was an opportunity to discuss critical questions lesbians faced, such as autonomy, sexuality, living as a lesbian, and child custody. Speakers included Wilmette Brown from Safire: Black Women's Group (New York) and Ruth Hall from Wages Due Lesbians (London, England). Organizers of the Conferences were Ellen Agger, Boo Watson, Lorna Boschman, Francie Wyland, Anne Neale, Dorothy Kidd and Anne. Women from Toronto, Kitchener, Kingston, Ottawa, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, as well as London and Bristol, England attended the conference.

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LGLCWilmette BrownAnne NealeAnneDorothy KiddFrancie WylandLorna BoschmanBoo WatsonEllen AggerRuth Hall

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Safire: Black Women's GroupWages Due Lesbians (England)Wages Due Lesbians of Toronto

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Wages Due Lesbians, "Toward a Strategy conference poster", (Toronto: July 23, 1976), 10-027-S1-F9-I8, Wages Due Lesbians Fonds, University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections.