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March 21 Toronto John Damien, fired […]




March 21 Toronto John Damien, fired from his job with the Ontario Racing Commission for being gay, filed a wrongful dismissal suit for $350,000 in damages against the Commission in the Supreme Court of Ontario. Damien filed another suit for $1 million in punitive damages against officials of the Ontario Jockey Club, the Commission, and the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, claiming that they had injured him at his trade. Damien also sought payment of his legal fees and a court order demanding his reinstatement. His lawyer, Harry Kopyto, also began preparing a brief to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, asking the Commission to expand its definition of "sex" in the Ontario Human Rights Code to include sexual orientation. (see also September 1975.)

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September Toronto The Ontario Human […]February 7 Toronto John Damien was […]

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