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November Toronto A group of lesbians […]




November Toronto A group of lesbians decided to open Clementyne's, a café for women, at 342 Jarvis Street. A lease was signed and a number of women, including Heather Elizabeth (Beyer), Aaron (aka Holly) Devor, Pat Murphy, Chris Lawrence, and Eve Zaremba, worked hard to renovate the three-storey Victorian property. Plans for the café were set aside, however, when city zoning by-laws hampered the opening of a commerical venture in the residential space. Clementyne's never opened, but the space was not wasted. By Spring 1975, 342 Jarvis Street housed several feminist organizations and businesses, some run by lesbians, including The Other Woman newspaper. Wages Due Lesbians, and the Women's Information Centre (WIC). Early in 1977 it also became the headquarters for the Lesbian Organization of Toronto (LOOT), Toronto's foremost lesbian institution of the late 1970s.

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Eve ZarembaChris LawrencePatricia MurphyAaron DevorHeather Beyer

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Lesbian Organization of Toronto (LOOT)Women's Information Centre of TorontoWages Due Lesbians

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The Other Woman

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"Women's Cafe," Other Woman 3 (Winter 1975): 27,Becki L. Ross, The House That Jill Built: A Lesbian Nation in Formation (Toronto: University of Toronto- Press, 1995), pp, 49-51;