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January 5 Toronto During amateur […]




January 5 Toronto During amateur night at the Brunswick House Tavern Adrienne Potts and Pat Murphy sang "I Enjoy Being a Dyke," a revised version of the South Pacific tune "I Enjoy Being a Girl," after being insulted and abused by a male customer. The tavern's management objected, and when the women and their friends Sue Wells and Heather Beyer refused to leave, police were called. Eight policemen dragged the women out of the bar and then detained and harassed them. The women were released from custody and when they returned to the Brunswick House to find witnesses they were again ejected and arrested. Three of the women (Beyer, Murphy, and Potts) were charged with creating a disturbance and obstructing the police. The group became known as the Brunswick Four. Their arrest generated anger and concern throughout Toronto's lesbian and gay community. (see also January 10, March 4, May 31, July 16, November 1, 1974, and April 1975.)

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