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August 24 Toronto The brief "Ontario […]




August 24 Toronto The brief "Ontario Homosexuals and the Ontario Human Rights Commission" was presented by members of GO on behalf of all gay groups in Ontario to Daniel Hill, chairperson of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, asking that the Commission recommend to the Ontario cabinet that discrimination based on sexual orientation be outlawed in the province. Dr. Hill promised a response within six weeks. (See also February 18,1974.)

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February 18 Toronto Thirty-five men […]

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Ontario Human Rights CommissionGays of Ottawa Gays d'Ottawa GO, Gays of Ottawa Gais de L'Outaouais GO

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Ontario Homosexuals and the Ontario Human Rights Commission

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"Homosexuals Seeking Protection of Rights in Commission Brief," Ottawa Citizen, 24 August 1973, p. 3-"Brief to Be Presented," Back/Chat Newsletter 3 (August 1973): 2;