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August 8 North Bay, Ont. Management […]




August 8 North Bay, Ont. Management at the Ramada Inn, 700 Lakeshore Drive, barred eight gay people from the Gemini Room lounge because they were engaging in same-sex dancing. All were members of CHANB. The eight later filed an informal complaint with the Northern Regional office of the OHRC in Sudbury.

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North BaySudbury

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Caring Homosexual Association of North Bay (CHANB)Ontario Human Rights Commission

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"Letter Begins Boycott," CHANB Bulletin (Callander, Ont.), 1 (September 1981): (6).Ed Jackson, "Ramada Inn Bounces Same-sex Dancers," Body Politic, no. 76 (1981), p. 10Val Fournier, "Courage and Caring in North Bay," Body Politic, no. 78 (1981), pp. 27–29