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June 20 Toronto A demonstration and […]




June 20 Toronto A demonstration and march organized by RTPC was held to protest the June 16 bathhouse raids. As they were leaving the peaceful protest of about 1,000 people, a large crowd of gay men and lesbians was attacked at Church and Charles streets by a group of anti-gay thugs wielding boards. When the crowd fought back, police rescued the gay bashers and then turned on the angry crowd with nightsticks. In the ensuing melee, involving dozens of people in the middle of Church Street, half a dozen people were injured and six people were arrested. The affair later became known as "The Battle of Church Street." Rev. Brent Hawkes of MCC Toronto was held and punched by a police officer. Ken Popert of the Body Politic, a rally marshal, was struck by a police car. Both Hawkes and Popert failed in their attempt to press charges. (See also October 1, 1981.)

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October 1 Toronto The trial of […]February 5 Toronto Almost 200 police […]

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