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May 23 Naramata, B.C. At the annual […]




May 23 Naramata, B.C. At the annual meeting of the B.C. United Church Conference, Rev. David Cline, the conference's newly installed president, declared that the ordination of homosexuals was something The United Church of Canada was not prepared to face now, or in the near future. Rev. Cline said, "To ordain a homosexual would be to put the church's stamp of approval on homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, and I don't think the majority of the United Church is ready to do that." (See also May 30, 1981.)

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May 30 Calgary The Alberta […]

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Nicholas Read, "New Leader Vetoes Homosexual Clergy: United Church," Vancouver Sun, three star ed., 25 May 1981, p. A12.