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Carlisle, Ont. Larkspur and Lad's […]




Carlisle, Ont. Larkspur and Lad's Love, a collection of homoerotic poems and images, was published in an edition of 150 copies by Brandstead Press. The volume was edited by Clare MacCulloch and featured linocut illustrations by Gerard Brender à Brandis. The contributors were Will Aitken, Albert Collignon, Michael Illingworth, Graham Jackson, E.A. Lacey, Clare MacCulloch, Merv Thomson, Chris Wilson, Ian Young, and Clovis Zanetti.

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Clovis ZanettiIan YoungChris WilsonMerv ThomsonEdward A. LaceyGraham JacksonMichael IllingworthAlbert CollignonWill AitkenGerard Brender à Brandis (pseudonym: Geoffrey Austain)Clare MacCulloch

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Larkspur and Lad's Love

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