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January 13 Toronto Nathan Cohen […]




January 13 Toronto Nathan Cohen commented in his "Monday Miscellany" column in the Toronto Daily Star that local police feared that recently closed after-hours clubs had reopened as "hangouts for male and female homosexuals." On January 21, James Egan's letter of rebuttal, "Police Concern for Homosexual Clubs 'Illogical,' " was published in the Star. Egan was Canada's foremost gay activist during the period 1949-64. (see also August 5,14,1964.)

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August 5, 14 Toronto; Vancouver In […]

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James EganNathan Cohen

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Toronto Police Service

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Toronto Daily Star; Toronto Star

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Police Concern for Homosexual Clubs 'Illogical,'Monday Miscellany

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James Egan, "Police Concern for Homosexual Clubs 'Illogical' " (letter), Toronto Daily Star, night ed., 21 January 1964, p. 6 (reprinted inRobert Champagne,Jim Egan: Canada's Pioneer Gay Activist, Canadian Lesbian and Gay History Network Publication no. i[Toronto: CLGHN, 1987],p. 101).Nathan Cohen, "Monday Miscellany" (column), Toronto Daily Star, night ed., 13 January 1964, p. 18