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April 7 Calgary A public forum was […]




April 7 Calgary A public forum was held to discuss planning for Celebration '80, the eighth annual conference for lesbians and gay men to be held in Calgary, June 27–July 1, 1980. The forum, sponsored by GIRC, revealed considerable opposition to holding a public march during the conference, based on fears of property damage and a religious, homophobic backlash. Opposition to the proposed march was led by local gay club owner Vance Campbell and by Rev. Lloyd Greenway of MCC Calgary. The march was cancelled; this was the first time that a public march was not held in the host city of the national conference of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition (CLGRC). (See also June 27–July 1, 1980.)

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June 27–July 1 Calgary Celebration […]

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National Gay Rights Coalition Coalition nationale pour les droits des homosexuels NGRC CNDH, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition / Coalition canadienne pour les droits des lesbiennes et des gais (CLGRC / CCDLG)Metropolitan Community Church CalgaryGay Information and Resources Calgary GIRC

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