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March 9 Northwest Territories […]




March 9 Northwest Territories Everett George Klippert was declared a dangerous sexual offender at the Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories, presided over by Justice J.H. Sissons. In August 1965, Klippert had been convicted on four counts of gross indecency involving non-violent acts with consenting adult males in private, and was sentenced to three years in prison on each count, to be served concurrently. Klippert had been convicted of gross indecency previously (in Calgary in 1960); his record of convictions had prompted Klippert's entry into the dangerous sexual offender sentencing procedure. In sentencing Klippert to an indefinite period of detention as a dangerous sexual offender, Justice Sissons said from the Bench, "I think the penitentiary term is going to do the accused considerable harm and will not help him and will not help the public." Klippert was transferred to the federal penitentiary at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; his subsequent appeals were rejected. (see also August 1965; November 7, 1967; December 21, 1967.)

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