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August Northwest Territories Everett George Klippert, thirty-nine, a mechanic living in Pine Point, NWT, was questioned by the RCMP during an investigation of an arson. Klippert, who had not been involved in the fire, made a voluntary statement to the investigators that he had engaged in sexual acts with males on four occasions while living in the North. A native of Kindersley, Sask., Klippert had been convicted previously (in Calgary in 1960) of gross indecency and had been sentenced to four years in prison. Released in 1963 after serving three years, Klippert moved away and eventually settled in Pine Point. The RCMP charged Klippert with four counts of gross indecency involving non-violent acts with consenting adult males in private. He appeared before Magistrate P.B. Parker at Hay River, NWT, and pleaded guilty. On August 24, 1965, Klippert was sentenced to three years on each of the four counts, to be served concurrently. The Klippert case would become one of the most important criminal cases in Canadian history to deal with the matter of gay sexuality, and would prompt the introduction of amendments to the criminal code (Bill C-150) that came into effect in August 1969. (see also March 9, 1966; November 7, 1967; December 21, 1967.)

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